International Network for Gender Media Watchdogs (INGMewa)



What is the International Network?

Currently, the International Gender Watchdog Network is a directory that provides information on all groups that undertake gender watchdog activities. These activities include media monitoring, activism, education, information, etc.

The website contains up-to-date information on each watchdog including a mission statement; contact details including address, telephone number, fax number, etc; details of a specific contact person for the group etc. If the group has a website, the website is linked to, and also provided is information about particular web pages of interest – i.e, to galleries of images, voting pages, complaints sections, etc.


Why such a Network?

i.          There are lots of websites around that provide directories of women’s organisations etc – but these tend to be very broad in scope. We wanted something particularly tailored to groups involved in the specific task of gender watchdog activities.

ii.          It will prove very useful for watchdog groups to be able to freely access up-to-date information on each other instantly, and all from the one on-line source.

iii.         It will be useful that if international petitions need to be signed, watchdogs have contact details of other watchdogs who they can notify and request they send information out to their respective members.

iv.         In a world of where many advertising campaigns are global, it is important for watchdogs to keep each other informed about problematic campaigns running in their countries, and to communicate with each other on activism campaigns when relevant.

v.         Traditionally, fair portrayal activism has been very national-centric. It would be useful to utilize the work done in individual countries and bring it together to devise international codes of practice and guidelines for advertisers. This way, rather than having a French Manifesto, or a Belgian Manifesto, there is a Global Manifesto that all groups and individuals can sign on to. Presumably such a document with such international support will hold more clout when presented to advertisers and standards boards.

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Lauren Rosewarne, februari 2002

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