International Network for Gender Media Watchdogs (INGMewa)

Ancorpari – Associazione Nazionale delle Consigliere di Parità (Italy)

Association which works on gender issues, with particular attention to the following theme: Women and work; Women and health, Women and media. In particular, inherent to the last topic, the Association has created – in 2004 – an Observatory in Gender and TV (OSGET), which focuses its activity on the gender analysis of different TV programs and on the production of experimental products.

Contact: OSGET – Observatory on Gender and Televisione 
How can you get involved?
  • Participate in the on-line discussion forum on “Women and Television” (;
  • Write us ( to indicate TV-News programs that are interesting, in your opinion, to be analysed with a gender perspective;
  • Write us ( to indicate books or other publications about “Women and media”, referring in particular to news/topicality;
  • Make a request ( to receive our material and products: a book (in Italian) with the results of an ESF (European Social Found) project about “Gender languages and digital TV” (the abstract of the text is available in Italian and English); a DVD (Italian & English) which contains an experimental short film;
  • Ask for information or consultancy ( about gender and media or to organize related initiatives
Address: Ancorpari (Associazione Nazionale delle Consigliere di Parità)
Via Graziano Imperatore, n° 40 
Milan 20162 - Italy
Tel and Fax: (0039) 02/6427221



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