International Network for Gender Media Watchdogs (INGMewa)

Media Emancipation Effect Reporting (MEER)  (Belgium)

"MEER is an instrument for assessment of fair portrayal in television content - can be used by women organisations, researchers, and media professionals. "

Contact: Katrien Lefever -  
How can you get involved?
  • Use the instrument as a media professionals, scientists or activists (e.g. gender activists).
  • Help to focus on different aspects of fair portrayal in non-fiction television programs (gender, etnicity, age,...)
  • Find out the specific roles and functions of the persons participating in television program: the way in which they are introduced and treated by the host/presenter and by other persons, the topics they talk about, the kind of information the codeur gets about these persons, etc.
  • Register the speaking time of the persons participating in the program.
  • Demand an automated analysis of registred characteristics of persons, topics and time.
Address: MEER
Center of Women's Studies
University of Antwerp
Universiteitsplein 1, Geb. J.
B-2610 Wilrijk (Belgium)
Tel: +32 3 820 2850. Fax. +32 3 820 2886.



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